Classically Inspired: A Ruby Wedding Ring

I was sent a photo of a Victorian Revival bracelet along with the note: “rubies & little gold balls you do”. This is how our most recent wedding band design began. It ended adorning the hand of a lovely lady we’ve been lucky enough to know for many years now.

The construction of a granulated ring is all about layers. You can see the different elements and how they come together to create this one of a kind ring.

Step by step: Custom Pendant Video

My previous blog post outlined the basics of our custom design process.  This time I have documented a majority of the steps involved in creating a custom piece from the initial design phase through to the finished piece.

Early this summer I was commissioned to design a significant pendant using our client’s fantasy-cut amethyst by gem cutter Barry Bridgestock.  What makes a significant piece?  Well besides the scale of the pendant, I incorporated a number of more involved construction techniques.  The pendant incorporates not only 22kt gold granules but platinum granules into the design.  The body of the pendant is comprised of several separate elements and I have accent stones set into some of the granules as well. Continue reading “Step by step: Custom Pendant Video”