Zaffiro takes the torch outside

Contrary to what you might think, Jack and I do not spend all our creative time huddled over jewelry projects, myopically focused on items that measure less than 10 millimeters in length. Occasionally we gotta work big.  Really big.  And that means taking the torch outside.

This project was one of the final extensions of a copper trellis system that we began back in 2004.  The first part was a horizontal support system underneath the eaves that ran across the entire south and east sides of the porch and two decorative vertical sculptural trellises on two of the pillars for a wistaria vine.  As the wistaria grew (and grew and grew and grew) we realized we needed to extend the supports around to the west side of the house where we could then add a climbing rose bush trellis designed to fit into the space between the eaves and the top of porch railing.

I documented parts of the construction and the installation in the fall of 2010 and finally this year the copper has mellowed to a lovely patina, the rose bush is healthy and full of blooms, and most importantly I now have a blog where I can share all of this.  One last note: please don’t expect the production values of my media project to be up to the same standards as our metalwork – this is my first imovie project and crash course in copyright-free (i.e. corny) music.